Who can take benefits of non emergency medical transportation?

Healthcare services are very essential for everyone. But in the United States alone, millions of people face transportation challenges. Large segment of people miss or delay their hospital appointments due to some reasons.

Many Americans remain heavily dependent on family or friends to drop them to the hospital. There are millions of Americans who are non drivers, aged, differently abled, or maybe ill and these Americans feel stressed when they need to go to hospital. 

Everyone at some point in life has to visit a hospital and lack of transportation facilities has been a major issue. The feeling of being dependent on family members and friends to visit the health care center for essential medical assistance is pretty miserable.

But, thanks to Non emergency medical transportation that has resolved this problem incredibly.

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Non-emergency transportation is basically a transport service provided to individuals who are not in an emergency situation but requires better assistance than an ordinary vehicle is able to provide. Vehicles used for non-emergency transportation are finely designed and equipped to transport people with some special needs and individuals in wheelchairs and stretchers.


Healthcare services are one of the significant elements of a society and essential for every segment of a population. Disabled individuals, Senior citizens, and people who are unable to drive their own vehicle or are unable to make use of public transport all may have the need for healthcare but face enormous transportation challenges.

Just like emergency ambulances, non-emergency transportation is benefiting people at a greater scale.

  1. Feeling of independence

This transportation service is allowing people to feel independent instead of a burden on their family and friends.

  1. Easy and quick booking

By using a mobile app or official website, people can schedule their ride hustle free. Older people who find technology difficult to understand can simply make a call to book their ride conveniently.

  1. Affordable rates

Non-emergency medical transportation is pretty much affordable when compared to ambulance services which are too expensive. Ambulance services cost 10 times more than non-emergency medical transportation services. 

  1. Variety of vehicles

From standard vehicles to specially designed vans non emergency transportation includes a variety of vehicles to cover a wide range of non emergency needs. The wide range of choices is what makes non emergency medical transportation in service popular among the people.

  1. Safe and secure

Non-emergency medical transportation service is safe and secure. They have well-trained drivers, and all the staff is trained to keep their credentials. 


People with a cast on their leg and arms face serious challenges when it comes to visiting their doctor for scheduled appointments. Driving their own car is totally out of the question and boarding public transport is much more challenging.

Many post-surgical patients are forbidden  to drive cars unless their doctors give them permission. Surgical procedures weaken muscles and post-surgery medications make patients sleepy and inactive.

People with specific disabilities can also not drive cars and use nonemergency medical transportation services to take them to appointments.

Old-age people who cannot drive cars and need to go to their hospital appointments every week use non-emergency medical transportation services.

People in wheelchairs face the most difficulty. They cannot move from one destination to another without help, and non-emergency medical transportation helps these people with their medical appointments.

Beyond Ride Wheelchair Transportation

Let’s take a recap on NEMT Benefits

Non-Emergency medical transportation has become an essential service of today’s healthcare system. Hundreds of people use this service daily to travel to and from medical centers. Without non-emergency medical transportation, many people could not obtain the necessary medical assistance critical to their health conditions.

Non-emergency medical transportation could be a great choice when people want someone to take them for their appointments , or to the hospital. The non-emergency medical transportation services play a crucial role in the lives of millions of people. It is affordable, secure, independent and above all safe. Non-emergency medical transportation is used by hundreds of people everyday and it has won the trust of those people.

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