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According to a Community Transportation Association study, approximately 3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments because they don’t have a way to get there, which is equivalent to the population of the entire state of Oklahoma. While medicate experiences explosive growth, and demands for medical transportation Rises, agencies fight tightening budgets and struggle to meet the growing need for non emergency medical transportation. 

Non emergency Medical transportation service from one destination to another is one of the most crucial. Elderly people, people with serious chronic disease, people with mental and physical disabilities and people with special medical conditions require more care and attention than others. When it comes to transportation, they need more care and assistance than they have in the past.

Many non-emergency medical transportation programs are complex and inefficient acquiring excessive manpower and funding, Beyond Ride manages non-emergency medical transportation throughout the state of Washington and Pennsylvania, scheduling hundreds of trips each year. Beyond ride helps clients do more with less scheduling, more trips for less cost, more efficiency, less headaches without sacrificing quality of satisfaction. 

Beyond ride provides wheelchair transportation services, non emergency medical transportation services, medical transportation in Kennewick, disability transportation, doctors appointment transportation and patient pickups in Kennewick. 

Beyond Ride helps the community by working to lower transportation costs. Beyond ride encourages mileage reimbursement, moves members to public transportation, negotiates lower rates with providers, and assigns the most appropriate mode. Beyond ride breaks down barriers to Healthcare because the best medical program in the world can’t help people if they can’t get there.

There are often reports of accidents in the Kennewick area. There’s been an unsettling string of traffic fatalities in the Kennewick area recently that have broken hearts and shattered lives. The car accidents are unfortunately nothing new in the area. The week-after-week reporting of local lives tragically lost are heartbreaking.

Statewide, traffic deaths have been on a steep rise and it’s alarming. Washington’s Traffic Safety Commission released a report in January that shows traffic fatalities and serious injuries have escalated, and sadly, 2022 appears to be off to a horrific start.

Beyond Ride provides safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation services in Kennewick. Beyond Ride takes care of the needs of people in the community. Beyond Ride helps Patients and healthcare consumers who need to be transported to medical facilities, avoiding expensive commuting options, for regular appointments and check-ups including ambulance services, wheelchair-assisted services, stretchers and doctors appointments. 

Transportation to and from Medical appointments is a Medi-cal covered benefit. It includes non emergency medical transportation and non medical transportation. Transportation is not a standard Medicare covered benefit. Non emergency medical transportation is transportation to medical appointments in an ambulance or a van accommodating a wheelchair or gurney. Non emergency medical transportation is specifically for beneficiaries that cannot use standard public or private transportation. 

Non medical transportation is for beneficiaries that do not have their own transportation but who can use public or private transportation instead. This type includes ride sharing services and mileage reimbursement. If anyone is free for service, or straight medi-cal beneficiary or have medi-cal that only covers emergency related services we can request transportation directly with DHCS by emailing. For beneficiaries enrolled into managed care plans, they must contact their plans member Service Department prior to their scheduled appointment.

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