Medical Transportation in Renton Affordable and Reliable

When people need transportation they typically hop in the car, take a public train, bus or Subway or call for an Uber car.  When people need emergency transportation they need an ambulance service. But when people are not physically fit and don’t have an emergency situation they need non emergency medical transportation. elderly and people with disabilities come under this category. 

The primary objective of non-emergency medical transportation is to help elderly and disabled people attend their medical appointments on schedule without delay. But non-emergency medical transportation can be used for other purposes too like shopping, attending social events, ocean and brush events or even meeting a friend.  Even adults with a temporary disability due to an accident need non-emergency medical transportation.

An 80 year old senior with a Walker who has mobility issues. Such a person can neither take the fast paced public transportation nor a taxi service that can accommodate their special support equipment. These people obviously need a better mode of transportation.  This gap is filled in by the non-emergency medical transportation service providers.

Beyond Ride is a non-emergency medical transportation agency that serves people with disabilities, serious chronic diseases, and individuals with other health care issues to move from one destination to another safely and securely. Beyond ride’s non emergency medical transportation service connects many individuals to medical appointments, works, schools and more everyday. This is how beyond ride serves the community in Renton. 

Beyond ride provides wheelchair transportation services, non emergency medical transportation services, medical transportation in Renton, disability transportation, doctors appointment transportation and patient pickups in Renton. 

Individuals depend on transportation not only to get to work but to shop, socialize and access Health Care among other goals. For all of its benefits to the nation and individuals, however, transportation imposes large costs, lost time in traffic congestion, deaths and injuries from car crashes. 

Safety has improved , but avoidable losses are still significant in Renton.  Almost all transportation fatalities, approximately 94% occur on highways and mostly involve passenger vehicle crashes. Some performance is neither reliable nor Resilient in Renton. In many major areas motorists must arrive at the destination on time and must allow 60 minutes for trips that take only 20 minutes in lighter traffic.

It is also a fact that Inaccessibility to health care due to lack of non-emergency medical transportation affects the most vulnerable groups in the community,  such as low-income inner-city residents who often belong to racial, ethnic minority communities or black community across Washington State, there is an emerging  momentum among government and non-government organizations as they make policies and programs to strengthen active transportation and healthy built environments.

Beyond Ride has years of experience in providing the best medical transportation services to everyone in the community with any discrimination based on racial bagrounds. Beyond Ride serves the community in Renton and provides  them with professional service along the way. The mission is to set the standards higher than anyone would set the expectations. Beyond Ride takes its customers to their desired destination safely and with a smile. 

The main priority of Beyond Ride  is to get individuals  to their destination on time, safely, and securely. No matter if anyone is arranging transport for a loved one or for their community, they’ll be in good hands with Beyond Ride’s  professional, customized and experienced carriers. Non-Emergency medical Transportation (NEMT) at its finest! With the excellent service Beyond Ride has positioned itself amongst the top wheelchair accessible companies for medical transportation in Renton.

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