One of the Most Reliable and Affordable Medical Transportation in Bremerton

Beyond ride is a non emergency medical transportation service for on time reliable transportation to and from appointments. Primarily for the elderly people and those in wheelchairs. Beyond ride deliver on demand wheelchair service offering bedside to bedside transportation. 

Beyond ride is in the non-emergency medical transportation business because it is a very large market that is currently very poorly served and there is increasing demand in the healthcare space for these kinds of wheelchair transportation, disability transportation and medical transportation services. Beyond Ride mobility is also out to solve a major mobility problem and this will be one of the greatest challenges coming up in the next decade or so.


Beyond ride  efficiently picks up patients for their appointments and it makes sure that people with serious chronic diseases and other healthcare or mobility issues feel safe, secure and comfortable throughout the rides.

Beyond Ride has incredible staff that makes clients feel comfortable and takes good care of them throughout the ride. They are well trained to act if any emergency arrives. The drivers are trained on a regular basis so that they can deliver patients swiftly to their destinations. 

Beyond Ride is keen to help patients who have mobility issues, Serious diseases, physical disabilities and other chronic diseases. These people face difficulties on a daily basis due to lack of good medical transportation facilities. Beyond Ride takes these patients to their appointments without being delayed. 


Beyond Ride’s medical transport services are designed to provide patients the timely medical care and assistance they need. Our services extend beyond emergency medical care to non-emergency medical transportation services in Bremerton. We focus on promptly transporting patients to secure locations and medical facilities where they can get good medical care and assistance. 

Beyond Ride’s non-emergency medical transportation services allows patients who are not in a condition to travel long distances in a conventional way, due to their medical condition, to travel safely from one destination or medical facility to another destination. Beyond Ride takes care of the patients with utmost care during their ride. The staff is well trained to look after the patients or other people if any emergency arrives. 

Numerous times patients remain stable but they might be in need of assistance due to mobility issues or oxygen requirements or some other difficulties which makes the traditional way of traveling too difficult and tiresome . In such cases non-emergency transportation services offer assured access to medical facilities and expert patient care.


There are several reasons why ambulatory transportation may be needed in Bremerton, Washington

Limited public transit options Depending on where you live in Bremerton, you may not have easy access to public transit, or the services may not meet your needs. For example, if you have mobility challenges or are unable to walk long distances, you may require specialized transportation services.

Convenience Ambulatory transportation can be convenient for getting around town, especially if you have a doctor’s appointment or cannot drive due to some nonemergency medical condition.

Special needs Some people may require ambulatory transportation due to age, disability, or other special needs. For example, seniors or people with mobility challenges may not be able to drive or may have difficulty using public transit.

Ambulatory transportation is an essential resource for people who need assistance getting around town or have special needs. It can ensure everyone has access to the necessary services and amenities, regardless of their ability to drive or use public transit.

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