Medical Transportation: What they are? & Why we need them?

Getting people to schedule appointments can be quite a challenge. What’s even more difficult is having this patience show up. Patience may skip, cancel or delay their appointments for a lot of reasons but the reason, believe it or not, is that they don’t have a way to get to appointments at all. Thankfully there are many developing services that help eliminate this problem. 

Many might wonder about the real number of patients who miss or delay their appointments because they don’t have access to transportation. Well, actually up to 30% of all no-show patients said that a lack of transportation was their key reason for skipping their medical appointments.


This isn’t beneficial for anyone, clients lose out on valuable necessary care, waste appointment time slots which someone else could use and it’s a huge financial loss for healthcare practices. This type of no show cost the healthcare industry upto $150 billion in lost revenue per year. Each unused appointment costs an organization $200 dollars on average.


When healthcare organizations partner with rideshare companies and other appointment rides services they can offer transportation to their patients and if a client doesn’t have a ride they can simply let their provider know.

These providers can then book a ride for their patients. They can book these months in advance when the patient schedules a visit if they already know they’ll have difficulty getting to their offices or they could boom just a few days in advance when the patient calls to confirm the visit. 

This is helpful when unexpected things comes up such as if the patient is having car trouble,having the provider do the bookings is beneficial to those who don’t have a smart device to access ride sharing apps,they can’t get their own ride of they can’t order it in the first place this is why its is important doctors and patients communicate with each other about any barriers for getting to a visit.

Doctors can track the state of the ride if there are any issues with the vehicle getting to the facility on time such as heavy traffic or late pickup, the doctor will know that the patient will be late ahead of time. It could help them repriotrize their tests in real time so they can stay on schedule or they can prepare for any delays due to late arrivals. 


Some medical transportation services offer the options for patients to schedule their own rules. Sometimes these companies even offer ride options for other healthy services.

After all, if a patient can’t get to their doctor, they might not be able to get anywhere.


Medical transportation services are very essential means of transport service provided to people both in emergency and non-emergency situations. Medical transportation has evolved much and has become a vital aspect of the healthcare industry.

  1. For consultations.

This service is very vital for patients who need to go to the hospital for their appointments. The service includes a trained staff who are responsible for taking care of the patient during the ride and even scheduling doctor’s appointments on behalf of the patient and also taking the patients to labs and for checkups. 

  1. 24×7 service

Medical transportation services are just a call away. Both, non-emergency and emergency services are provided round the clock. The patients don’t have to worry about their appointments, they just need to make a call at any time, day or night. Medical transportation services are available 24×7.

  1. Range f vehicles

Medical transportation provides a wide range of vehicles and patients can choose according to their needs for a comfortable ride. Medical transportation gives customers a wide range of options to choose conveniently according to their situation.


Medical transportation is the most convenient mode of transportation. Anyone who has a medical appointment can easily book a medical transportation ride easily and go to and from the destination. Medical transportation helps people who are in desperate need of help. Be it an emergency or a bon emergency, medical transportation is the most convenient mode of transportation.

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