Beyond Ride Medical Transportation Vehicle Everett

Non emergency medical transportation is a service that is safe and wheelchair friendly that accommodates people with medical conditions. Non-emergency medical transportation meets the needs of disabled and aging people by providing a safe, reliable and convenient transportation service at their fingertips. 

With the help of non-emergency medical transportation, individuals can get to and from hospitals, ambulatories, nursing facilities, medical appointments, rehabs, pharmacies, critical treatment centers and more. To provide a high quality service non emergency medical transportation vehicles are equipped with all the necessary tools for comfortable and safe rides. 

Public transportation like buses and Railways or simply out of question for people who use wheelchairs and are physically disabled. Non-emergency medical transportation provides vans that are equipped with wheelchair ramps and qualified paramedics and they will be able to pick people with serious chronic diseases, mentally and physically disabled people from their home location and safety taken to their doctors facility. 

Beyond Ride is a non-emergency, door-to-door transportation service provider. 

Beyond Ride provides individuals with transportation services to medical appointments, dental appointments, errands, to visit friends, grocery and general shopping. Staff will wait and can assist individuals with purchases. Beyond Ride is mostly suitable for individuals who seek a quick one-way trip between facilities, need assistance throughout a full day of medical appointments, or need to attend a special event.

Beyond Ride focuses on non-emergency patient transportation not only locally Everett  and its vicinity but across the entire Washington state and Pennsylvania state. The main aim is to provide high-quality medical and non-medical transportation with a focus to Everett. Whether a patient uses a wheelchair or needs to be transported on a stretcher, Beyond Ride is always  there to help. Beyond ride  operates 24/7 to ensure accommodation of everyone’s needs throughout the community. 

The vehicles provide comfortable travel conditions and are always maintained to the highest standards in terms of safety, security and sanitary conditions. Beyond Ride completely sanitizes interiors of vehicles after every trip. Safety and health of patients is a top priority. Beyond ride provides wheelchair transportation services, non emergency medical transportation services, medical transportation in Everett,  disability transportation, doctors appointment transportation and patient pickups in Everett. 

Throughout Washington state and in particular the Kitsap area, road accidents are common. The main reasons behind these  accidents are speeding and reckless driving. According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), crash deaths in Washington State rose by 34.5% when comparing data from the first quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. With car accident fatalities rising year by year people should be alerted and swift to safe and secure transportation facilities available. 


Beyond Ride is a safe and reliable way for clients to travel to medical appointments and on outings. Lack of transportation no longer prevents clients from attending medical appointments or scheduled treatments.

Being able to travel to appointments or other places in the community can provide seniors with a sense of freedom and independence. Beyond Ride is safe and secure and provides high end, customized and on time services to individuals.

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